Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Questions about Per Household Costs

This summer Aqua-tex presented their well researched and peer reviewed plan to treat Colwood’s and Langford’s sewage for a fraction of the original costs. Aqua-tex made their presentation to the CRD Project Board on August 25, 2016. They stated the per household costs would be $34/yr for Colwood and $50/yr for Langford.  The original CRD plan was estimated to cost $310 and $332 for these two communities.  That's a huge savings being offered by Aqua-tex.   What did the CRD Project Board do?  First, they failed to offer any multi-million dollar reason to ignore this cost savings proposal and secondly, they very strangely dramatically reduced the per household costs of the original CRD plan for Colwood and Langford to $145 and $239.  That is a 53% "reduction" for Colwood.  

Was this done to quiet the critics?

Although we have no proof that the $145/yr estimate is feasible it is still very much higher than the $34/yr cost estimate coming from the Aqua-tex plan.   And there are several environmental reasons for choosing the Aqua-tex plan over the CRD plan: reclaimable water, no risk of sea level rise, no risk of tsunami, heat recovery, etc.

Here is the original CRD sewage project per household costs:
The CRD Project Board's report lists new per household costs

Here are the differences. Everyone is paying a lot less except View Royal.


How is it possible that per household costs drop so much while the stated total project costs only dropped a little?  Something does not add up.